Paid In Full

peteIt was the worst experience! To see our baby girl not responding. You feel powerless to do anything, but pray over her and trust that God is in control. As we rushed Raenah to the hospital, arriving in about 10 minutes from the onset of the seizure, Raenah was quickly treated. Still we were not convinced she was ok until 3 hours later when she woke with her mom, dad & brother standing around her just staring. “Why are you all standing there looking at me so crazy?” She asked.

Yep! She was OK! By the next morning, we were told we could go as soon as we settled our hospital bill. Unlike in the US, we discovered that “to settle” means “to pay in full”. Unfortunately, we were about $1700+ pesos short (about $91 USD), but after several attempts to set up some type of agreement, it became apparent that they wanted our credit card. The problem? We had made a commitment to God not to use our credit card anymore. As Dee stood there – credit card in hand – praying aloud in English, a man standing next began asking her questions in Spanish. Once he understood the dilemma, he spoke in Spanish with authority, “Look at me.”

Once she complied he asked, “Do you believe in Christ?” She replied, “Yes, sir.” (What else to you say, but “Si, señor,” to such a man?) He then softened, “Well, God sent me here today to help you. I am going to pay the rest of this bill” Dee broke into tears. Pete cried too upon hearing the testimony. The man was so excited that God had sent him to be an instrument that he and Dee began witnessing to the receptionist who was taking care of the payment. By the time Dee had switched places with Pete so that he could meet their benefactor, the man & Pete had 4 nurses lined up listening to the Gospel. When we tried to set up a time to repay the dear man and his wife that week, his response was firm, “You can’t pay me back! That would rob me of my blessing!” Only God !

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