Individuals can be anyone in current ministry or looking to go into ministry where support raising is needed. Such as, church planters, missionaries (both domestically and internationally), campus ministers, seminary students (internships), family ministry, student ministry, international ministry, or even looking to start a ministry, etc … you name it, we can help.


  • Focus – We free you up to work in your passion because we take care of the administrative details.
  • Flexibility – You can work in your area of passion in ministry as our missionaries’s do not have to subscribe to a one size fits all type ministry philosophy.
  • Experience – For seminary students you can work in a ministry position and gain valuable experience while you complete your seminary education.
  • Web Presence – Each of our individuals or ministries have their personalized giving page that allows them to describe their ministry.  See Sample Giving Page
  • Ministry Services – You will have online access to your database of donors and donations. As for donor service, we provide prompt answers to your donor, donation, and account questions via email or phone with most responses coming same day. We offer payroll direct deposit, a reimbursement process for ministry expenses and the ability to receive Ministers Housing Allowance if you qualify.
  • Credibility – Global Service Network is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability-ECFA. Our organization has a financial audit on a yearly basis conducted by an independent accounting firm.

Matt and EB Jackson - The Sunrise House

When we initially reached out to Global Service Network in 2017, We were impressed with how quickly, kindly, personally and professionally their headquarters staff returned my emails and phone calls. After 30 years in ministry my wife and I were looking for a better fit. We chose GSN because they understand the unique challenges we face as full-time international missionaries; we felt like GSN is one of us. We don't have the resources to process contributions, paycheck, reimbursements and tax forms. Yet they gladly provide those services for us so we may be free to do the work God has called us to do. Even years later, they patiently answer our many, even sometimes redundant, questions. We are grateful for the ministry home we have with Global Service Network.

Erika Braun ~ Dublin Ireland

GSN has provided professional administration as a blessing to we who are associates that "frees up our hands" to do the work of sharing the gospel on the field and has enabled us to do what we are called to do, and for me personally to work on the campuses of Dublin with university students from all over the world to share the gospel and disciple them. GSN has also helped our financial partners have a place and way to give that is reliable and efficient for them. Thank you so much for helping us as associates and also our partners work in sharing the gospel with the world!