I do NOT have a BIBLE

“I am 59 and I do not know anything about the Bible. I do not even have a Bible.”

luncheonThis conversation didn’t take place in a foreign country. No, it was at a Women with Purpose luncheon in Raleigh, NC. I happened to sit across from a woman whom I remembered from a brief introduction when a friend brought her to the first Women with Purpose luncheon several months prior. I was just asking questions to get to know her and had already learned that she had been in the area for four years, came from a Catholic background and was not currently going to church. When I invited her to come to my Tuesday night Bible Study that her co-worker attends, she said somewhat wistfully, “I am 59, and I don’t know anything about the Bible. I don’t even have a Bible.”

So a week later, there I sat at Starbucks giving my new friend her Bible and starting to teach her about it. We started from square one – teaching her what a verse reference meant and how to look it up. How I wish you could have seen her face! She was so excited, so happy to have this Bible and to start to read it. One of the many amazing things she told me was that at the previous luncheon the speaker had mentioned the books of Esther and Ruth so she went to a bookstore to look in a Bible so she could read them, but she got frustrated when she still could not figure it out.

When we talked at the luncheon, my friend said that she wanted to learn more about the Bible, but she was not sure who to ask. It was such a clear picture to me of my vision for this ministry and the need for it. I think there are a lot of women like her in the area – they want to know God but maybe they are not in a church or do not know who to ask. My hope is to find them by going into companies with Bible studies or providing events or discipling women to reach their co-workers for Christ.

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