Thank you for letting us share with you the heart of the ministry. Your mission is our mission, your vision is our vision, we desire to “empower and mobilize Servants of Christ to take the Gospel to the World.” We come along side you to free you up in ministry so you are able to pursue what the Lord has laid upon your heart.

Global Service Network is your home sending office in ministry. We hope to free you from the administrative side of running a ministry, so you can focus on the mission God has for you. So, you are probably asking, what does the administrative side entail? Here are some of the main ways in which we serve (please note, everything we do is streamlined for effectiveness, efficiency and electronically):


  • You will have your own “giving” page where donors will be able to donate to your ministry. You will have the ability to edit this page yourself. You can put pictures, videos, text etc. on your giving page to communicate what you are doing.
  • Donors have the ability to help cover the administrative fee during the donation process (see more in Administrative Fee).
  • Social Sharing – you and donors can share your giving page with others via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email.
  • Donors can give one time, monthly, quarterly, yearly, via eft, debit/credit card, etc. To find out all the various ways, please see the “Ways to Give” under the “Donors” tab.
  • When a donor gives online, you receive an instant notification of their gift and the donor receives a statement of their gift electronically.
  • Tracking – you have three different ways to track donations. Through a downloadable program, web-based and mobile. You can use all or none, it is up to you.
  • Donors that give via check will receive a statement of their gift that is perforated and an envelope to return their next gift.
  • Donors that give reoccurring, receive an electronic statement for each gift
  • If a donor’s gift is declined they will be notified right away, so they can fix the issue as soon as possible.
  • Donors are able to set up a donor account to see their giving history, change payment methods, amounts, how often, etc.
  • Donor Issues – they simple call the office or send an email


  • Direct Deposit only
  • You have access to paystubs online
  • You can receive Minister Housing Allowance (if approved)


  • We do not like paper, so we do not accept any paper reimbursements. Our reimbursement system is fully automated as much as can be. It creates receipts under certain amounts and allows you to take a picture via mobile device for those expenses over a certain amount. You simply, click a few buttons, enter the purpose of the expense and hit, submit. We do the rest. (This would be a subsection of payroll)


  • You have a 403B option of setting aside up to $23,000 a year towards retirement

Administrative Fee

  • In order to run the ministry and serve you effectively, the administrative fee for all donations is 7% and an additional 3% for any debit/credit card transactions. As a donor is giving, they are notified that there is an additional 3% for their gift if via debit/credit card and encouraged to give via EFT (E-Check), which does not incur any additional fee. Donors also have the ability to cover 3% of the administrative fee as part of their donation, which 30% of them will.  Our desire is for you to receive the most you are able for their gift. As a result, most donors will give reoccurring via checking account (EFT/E-Check).  On average, the overall percentage is around 6% (b/c 1/3 of the donors giving online typically cover 3% of the admin fee).

System Online

  • Our whole system is based online. Once you are accepted, all forms, information, etc. is located online for easy access and up-to-date information.

Prayer Letters

  • We have partnerships with three newsletter services that allows for you to use account transfer instead of paying yourself.

Support Raising

  • We have partnered with another ministry where they solely focus on teaching others on how to raise support.
  • We give $100 towards the cost of taking the training, which is highly effective and highly recommended if you have never been trained how to raise support before or are looking for a refresher.

Now for the stuff you probably don’t even think about:

  • We are members of (the Gold standard for Religious Non-profits and churches)
  • We are audited annually
  • File Tax Forms with the IRS
  • Solicitation Licenses with the States

If you have any questions or would like more detail about something specific, please ask. If you are ready to apply, let us know, so we can set up your online account to begin the application process.