Replacing Insecurity with Security

“Even if my mother and father abandon me, the Lord will take care of me.” ~Psalm 27:10

A number of years ago I poured my energy and heart into multiple work projects. I felt satisfied contributing to the “internal” part of daily work and growing the “external” vision of the ministry.

I realized over time my desire to hear appreciation. I wanted those around me to take note, “Thank you for all you do.” As I continued to put my all into the projects, I grew more dissatisfied. I thought, “Don’t you see all I am doing!?!?”

I told the Lord, “I’ve got to hear THANK YOU.” In my mind the natural source for the words would come from people who were in my immediate surroundings. I didn’t express my frustration. Maybe I would do things differently now. Or maybe not. I knew the intention was not to hurt me.

Then the NOTE arrived. I received it at my work address from a dear sister in Christ who I never met her in person and to this day, remains the only note she ever mailed me. As a prayer and financial partner of my ministry, she wrote to me after reading my latest update.

“I read your recent letter. . .THANK YOU for all you do. . .” She proceeded to say the words “Thank you” a couple more times in the short note including underlining it.

Stunned, I sensed God’s Spirit whispering “I see and hear you. I creatively meet you. I am not limited by people.”

I share the “Thank you” note story because I think deficits and longings highlight our need for security. I wondered how security is defined so I looked it up: “freedom from danger; freedom from fear or anxiety.” Insecurity arose when I felt fear from the pain of being unnoticed.

Circumstances can range from a smaller scale need for security like my work situation to a larger deficit like the loss of a significant relationship. Notice the repeated word in the definition: freedom. Our longings can make us feel imprisoned or provide the space to experience the Secure One who embodies freedom.

God alone possesses freedom to always extend love and care because of Jesus’ work on the cross. Jesus died and rose again to freely grant us forgiveness through faith and to provide ongoing access to God’s throne room. People don’t have freedom to be there for us at times. Maybe emotionally they aren’t able or perhaps they face physical struggles or geographical obstacles. There’s also the simple reality of mortality.

Life gives us opportunities over and over to exchange insecurity for the security of resting in God’s grip. Security means you and me release our fears, dangers, and anxieties about our desires when it comes to interactions with people to a loving Heavenly Father. It means being willing to feel a deficit and cry out to God about the longing while keeping an open hand.

Sister, what is God saying to you about security?  ~ Laura

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