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What percentage of my gift actually goes to the missionary?

Our Associates receive the benefit of 93% of your donation while the additional 7% is used to cover the operating expenses of Global Service Network.


Are there fees related to credit card and debit card transactions?

All credit and debit card transactions incur an additional 3% administrative fee to cover the cost of the merchant fees charged by the credit card companies.


How do I make changes to my auto donation?

You can contact our office via phone at (919) 249-0146 with your updated information and we will make the changes for you.


How do I give by check?

Make your check made payable to Global Service Network with a post-it note indicating the person or project you would like to support. Send your check to the following address.

Global Service Network
PO Box 1809
Apex, NC 27502

Please include your name, current mailing address, phone number and email address.


How can I update my contact information?

You can send us your updated contact information via email at give@globalservicenetwork.org or via phone at (919) 249-0146 and we will make the changes in our system


What is my donor number?

Your donor number is the number next to your name on the tear off portion of your receipt. It is located in the center section at the top.
Example – Joe Donor (39567)


How can I get a receipt for my last gift, including my year-to-date total?

You may request a receipt which also includes a 12 month giving history by contacting donation services via email at give@globalservicenetwork.org or via phone at (919) 249-0146.


What happens to my eGift when someone leaves Global Service Network?

When an Associate leaves Global Service Network they are required to notify ministry partners informing them of their departure as well as giving instructions on how to discontinuing giving. Any gifts given after an Associate’s departure are redirected to the general fund.


How can I make a donation anonymously?

Please include correspondence with your donation indicating your wish to make your gift anonymous and we will take care of it.


How can I contact Global Service Network?

You can contact us by phone at (919) 249-0146
You can contact us by email at give@globalservicenetwork.org


How can I transfer shares of stock, give a stock certificate or give through a Mutual Fund?

You transfer appreciated stocks and securities you have owned for more than one year to Global Service Network.

We sale your securities through our brokerage account with Edward Jones, apply the funds to the appropriate associate or project and receipt you for the market value when they are sold.

Transferring appreciated stocks and securities results in an income tax deduction for the fair market value of the securities on the date of transfer, no matter what you originally paid for them. In addition you pay no capital gains tax on the transferred stock.

Your broker can use the information below to make the transfer

  • Transfer Information
  • Brokerage Firm: Edward Jones
  • Account Number: 65918356
  • DTC Number: 0057
  • Name on Account: Global Service Network
  • Global Service Network’s Federal Tax ID number- 20-8686806


What is the most cost-effective method for donating to Global Service Network?

E-check/EFT is the most cost effective method of donating to Global Service Network. On average it cost .003% of the gift amount to process E-check/EFT donations.


I give through online banking or bill pay. How do I update my donation?

Since this type of gift is made through your bank or bill pay service you will need to make the changes you desire to your donation via the portal for your bank or bill pay service.


Are gifts to Global Service Network tax-deductible?

Global Service Network is a tax exempt nonprofit organization under 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code; we are qualified to receive tax deductible donations and all donations to us are tax deductible.


Why did I stop receiving receipts?

Paper receipts are issued for each donation given via personal check, money order or cash. If no further donations are made, no further receipts are issued. We do not send reminders.

If you give online and receive receipts via email, please check your junk mail or deleted mail folder.To increase the deliverability of confirmations, receipts and related correspondence via email, please add receipt@globalservicenetwork.org to your spam whitelist or junk mail safe senders list.

If you receive paper receipts, please let us know if one appears to have been lost in the mail. You may contact Donation Services via email or phone and request the re-issue of a duplicate receipt.

Phone:  (919) 249-0146  or  Email:  give@globalservicenetwork.org


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

A tax-deductible receipt along with a return envelope and designation slip is sent for each donation we receive via personal check, money order or cash.

If you make a donation online via e-check, credit card or debit card you will receive an email receipt for one time gifts. If your donation is a reoccurring gift you will receive and email receipt about eight to ten days after your draft date and an end of the year giving statement totaling all your gifts for the year. You will need to provide a valid email address.


Do you send me reminders?

No reminders or statements are sent. If you receive a paper receipt, you may use the bottom portion to send in another gift.

If you need a replacement receipt you can contact our office and request a replacement.