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Tom Gilson

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Tom Gilson

Building a Movement of Strategic Equipping Through Apologetics

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For years Sara and I have dreamt of the day when “the knowledge of the glory of the
Lord will fill the earth, as the waters cover the sea” (Hab. 2:14). But you’ve seen the trends: seventy percent of American youth growing up in good churches leave the faith after they leave home. The number of Americans claiming “no religious affiliation” has nearly doubled from 10% to 19% in recent years.

When asked their reasons for leaving the church, the number one reason they give has to do with doubts about whether Christianity is true. This is tragic: there’s no need for such doubts. The foundation is strong. We have excellent reasons to be fully assured that Christianity is true.

But the word isn’t getting out. And the challenges are growing day by day.

God has been preparing us for such a time as this, allowing me to take leadership in nationwide strategies to equip believers with reasons for confidence in Christ. The field of Christian ministry I’m working in is called apologetics, from the Greek word for reasons in 1 Peter 3:15.

Leading a Church-Wide Response to Powerful Challenges To the Faith

Huge new pressures are rising up against American Christianity, regarding morality, religious freedom, and more. It’s spiritual warfare in the realm of thoughts and ideas as taught in 2 Corinthians 10:3-5. How do we fight it? The best plan is for the church to become much more fully equipped to respond to today’s specific challenges with wisdom and knowledge, spoken in love. 

God has put it on my heart to help make this equipping happen. I’m working with other leaders to help bring a new understanding to the church — and to thousands of potential equippers — of how to stand strong in the Lord through these battles.

The main initiative, under my leadership, is a long-term, multi-year research project to help churches stand strong in facing up to new attacks on the faith.We’re strategizing toward the production of groundbreaking new books, web-based training, and conferences for pastors, lay leaders, and potential teacher/trainers — all for the same single purpose of equipping Christians in churches everywhere.

Our biggest initiative so far is set to launch in February 2018. It's for people in churches everywhere who want to join in with us in this equipping. We're calling it "Take Your Pastor to Lunch." What's it about? Listening. Learning. Discovering how to connect with church leadership in light of their priorities and concerns. We believe that's the essential first step — and so far, and often missing step — toward helping churches receive this training. Because as important as it is, it will never happen out of context of real church ministry.

Meanwhile I'm also working with many of the same leaders to stand against a growing movement for "creating atheists." Thousands of unbelievers are training up to hit the streets with a savvy -- yet manipulative -- persuasion technique, hoping to steer believers away from their faith.

There's so much we Christians need to gear up for! For the world is changing around us. In an eye-blink. We’ve all got catching up to do.

We need your help!

This ministry is poised for rapid growth, but I need resources to lead it. My work as an editor for the Christian website The Stream is a three-quarter-time job, leaving time for this other ministry but supplying only three-quarters salary and none of the expenses these initiatives will incur.

So I'm grateful for your investment in this ministry. It's helping significantly to change individuals who can change churches that can change the world.