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Ben and Shelby Kieffer

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Ben and Shelby Kieffer

Ben and Shelby are currently working with the ministry of Gospel and Gaming in two areas.

Ben is serving the residents at Lake Saint Charles Retirement Community as the Director of Discipleship and Face-to-Face Evangelism for Gospel & Gaming. The residents live in assisted and independent living apartments. As the Chaplain's Assistant at Lake Saint Charles, he leads a weekly discussion group for residents, preaches twice a month in chapel on Sundays, and  visits residents individually. He also supports grieving residents and performs funerals if requested. So many of the residents are experiencing loneliness and pain due to physical issues and the loss of loved ones, their house, and abilities like driving.  

Ben hopes that by committing to building relationships with the residents he'll be able to share God's love with them.


Shelby was hired on at Gospel & Gaming as the Ministry Admin Coordinator as of January 2018. While helping out with some administrative tasks for Ben's position at the retirement center, her main responsibilities lie in helping with communication and organization for the ministry as a whole. She is responsible for coordinating Gospel & Gaming's networking and outreach: equipping the Church with resources on gamers and on glorifying God in our recreation, connecting gamers to uplifting community and space to process, learn, explore or engage in gospel conversations, regardless of beliefs, and building solid relationships with ministry partners: helping explain who we are, what we do and why we feel lead to do it.

Shelby is thrilled to use her administrative gifts and passions to serve the community of Gospel & Gaming and aims to glorify God and magnify his work through loving her fellow staffers well in assisting where she is needed.