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Stuart Holden

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Stuart Holden


If you clicked on this page; you probably already know me, so I won’t explicate my background to an ample extent. That being stated, where else to start than where I was born?

My parents were serving as missionaries in the city of New Orleans Louisiana in the late 90s, and due to personal, religious and superstitious reasons, decided to have me born in the state next door: Texas.

Soon after, various other siblings were born, and at this point my parents had brought the family back to their original city and home: Saint Louis, located in the state of Missouri. This is where I have lived for twenty years, and still live as of current. We purchased a house in the infamous section of the city dubbed “the North side” which would be considered a modern day ghetto.

While crime I am sure was often exaggerated, there was of no doubt a large amount of brokenness in the area I lived. Buildings crumbled and poverty thrived; street gangs shot and murdered each other while children became malnourished and the politicians benefited.

It was too glaring obvious to ignore and growing up, I was obtrusively introduced to humanity’s influence: sin.

Because of this, and after hearing the Gospel in my early teens from various local churches, I decided to pick up my cross and follow Jesus; making him my Lord and Savior. His path was and is the only way that anything in this universe could and can be ultimately fixed for good. And to this day, I want to share that.

Skip ahead into the future; as a young adult and needing employment, I found work at Gospel and Gaming as a content specialist. I didn’t know at the time that my interest in music and audio production would be handy and would become an asset for the Ministry, but it did. My work includes editing audio and video for our internet work, as well as research and advising regarding technology we may someday use. I also occasionally compose and record music for our projects, but Shhh (don’t tell the other guys).

So to end this ramble, I wanted to ask for you to maybe consider donating something to me or the Ministry. It would be greatly appreciated. And don’t forget to visit our site; it’s a must do.

Thanks for stopping by.

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